Formation and Objectives:


PM POSHAN Scheme is one of the most important flagship programme in the country. Originally, this programme covered the children studying in Primary schools (Class: I-V) and later it has been extended to the Upper Primary stage of education (Class:VI-VIII). It covers the Govt., Govt. aided, Local Body schools besides the children studying in Madrasah, NCLP, SSK, MSK etc.


PM POSHAN Scheme, 2006 seeks to address two of the most pressing problems for the majority of children in India, namely, hunger and education by:

  • Improving the nutritional status of children in classes I – V in Government, Local Body and Government aided schools etc.
  • Encouraging poor children, belonging to disadvantaged sections, to attend school more regularly and help them concentrate on classroom activities.
  • Providing nutritional support to children of primary stage in drought-affected areas during summer vacation.

Additional objective:

  • Encouraging poor children, belonging to disadvantaged section, to attend school more regularly and help them concentrate on classroom activities.
  • Promoting regular school attendance and in that respect Mid-Day-Meal contribute not only to right of food but also to right of education.
  • Helps to undermine caste prejudice, by teaching children to sit together and share a common meal.
  • Reducing gender gap in school participation.
  • With decentralized system of cooking through SHGs and community participation, MDM also provides the local economy and local women with a new economic activity.
  • A source of economic support for the poorer sections of the Society and also an opportunity to impart nutrition, education to children.
  • Providing an important source of employment for women.

Food norms under National Programme (NP) for PM POSHAN in School:

The Food norms would be as under

Sl No. Items Quantity Per Meal
Primary students Upper Primary & NCLP Students
1 Food-grains (Rice) 100gms 150gms
2 Pulse 20gms 30gms
3 Vegetables (leafy also) 50gms 75gms
4 Food-grains (Rice) 100gms 150gms
5 Oil& Fat 5.0gms 07.5gms
6 Salt & Condiments As per need As per need

Components of NP for PM POSHAN in Schools:

Cooking Cost:

Assistance of cooking cost has been provided by the Govt. of India and State Govt. The rate of cooking cost from 1st Otober,2022 onwards is as follows:

Stage Total cost per meal Central state sharing 60:40
Central contribution State contribution
Primary Rs. 5.45 Rs. 3.27 Rs. 2.18
Upper Primary& NCLP Rs. 8.17 Rs. 4.90 Rs. 3.27

The cooking cost would include the cost of pulses, vegetables, oil, fats, salt & condiments and fuel.

Food-grains (Rice):

Rice is allowed by the Govt. of India at free of cost @ 100gms per child per school day for Primary students and @ 150gms per child per school day for upper primary & NCLP students. Rice is lifted from the FCI godowns at districts. The supply of food-grains will be of best available quality or at least of Fair Average Quality (FAQ).

Honorarium to cook-cum-helper:

Payment of honorarium to cook-cum-helpers under PM POSHAN was made earlier from State Budget @ Rs.600/- per month per school. From December, 2009, Govt. of India decided to pay honorarium to cook-cum-helper @Rs.1000/- for each cook-cum-helper and the expenditure towards the honorarium was shared between the central and the state on 75:25 basis. At present from July 2016 the expenditure is being shared between the central and the state on 60:40 basis.

The sharing pattern is as under:

Total honorarium for one cook-cum-helper for one month Central share State Share
Rs. 1,500 Rs. 600


Rs. 400 (as per norms)

Rs. 500 (additional given by the State Govt.)

Honorarium to cook-cum-helpers is paid for 10 months in a Financial Year.

Engagement of cook-cum-helper for this programme:

One cook-cum-helper may be engaged in a school under PM POSHAN Scheme having 25 students, twocook-cum-helpers for schools having 26 to 100 students and one additional cook-cum-helper for every additional of upto 100 students.

Kitchen Devices:

Assistance for procurement of kitchen devices for PM POSHAN Scheme has been provided by every 5 years per school are as follows.

Enrolment Slab Unit cost of Assistance in Rs.
Up to 50 Rs. 10,000/-
51 to 150 Rs. 15,000/-
151 to 250 Rs. 20,000/-
251 and above Rs. 25,000/-

Transportation Assistance:

The Govt. of India allows maximum Rs.1500/- per MT as transportation assistance for transportation of food-grains to school end. Payment of transportation cost is to be made as per existing PDS rates and distance of school from the FCI godown.

Construction of Kitchen-Cum-Store:

Since inspection, the Central government as well as State Government sanctioned Rs. 60,000/- per unit for construction of Kitchen-cum-Store under this programme.

As per new pattern 20sq. meter plinth area has been taken as base for construction of kitchen-Cum-Store having upto 100 students. For every additional upto 100 students additional 4 sq. meter plinth area will be added. The minimum allowable amount for construction of Kitchen-cum-Store is Rs. 2,00,000/- per school for normal zone. Rs. 2,50,000/- and Rs. 3,00,000/- may be allotted for saline zone and hilly areas respectively.

The cost of construction of Kitchen-cum-store is shared between the Central and State on 60:40 basis at present.


Central assistance is provided to State for Management, Monitoring & Evaluation (MME) of this programme @ 3.7% of total assistance of a) cost of food-grains b) transportation cost c) cooking cost and d) honorarium of cook-cum-helpers.

Notice Board:

A notice board is to be erected in front of each and every school under PM POSHAN for displaying the following particulars:

  • Total number of students taking meals.
  • Number of days and time when meals are served.
  • Quantity of Rice to be supplied.
  • Weekly menu.
  • Name of cooking agency.
  • Name of the BDO, with phone number.
  • Name of the concerned Sub-Inspector of schools with phone number.
  • ForEmergencyhealth contingency plan is to be proposed& for this phone no. of the concerned (nearby) (a) Health center (b) BMOH (c) Superintend of the Hospital (d) SI of School (e) Ambulance (f) Police Station (g) Fire Services are to be printed on the wall.
  • Any other matters.